Dr DeLouis Terlonge - Paediatrician


What is Paediatrics

Paediatrics as an enity is quite broad, basically encompassing care for children, birth through 18 years of age. It includes mental, spirtual and in addition, physical health.Paediatrics encompasses the management of the physical, behavioural and mental health of children from birth until 18 to 21 years of age. This can involve anything from minor health problems to serious illnesses and diseases.  

 Why Paediatrics

  • Specialised training in childhood physical, emotional or mental health.
  • Experience in recognising issues with children
  • Close monitoring of children with special conditions (such as prematurity, asthma, malnutrition)
  • Close monitoring tailored to the child

Paediatrics Services Offered:

Well-child / Health Maintenance Exam. Regular scheduled checkups to ensure the health of your child, immunisations, proper growth and development. Physical Health. Management of acute illness, injury, infection and other physical health problems. Neo-natal Care. Management of term and pre-term neonates shortly after birth at hospital in collaboration with obstetricians. Psychological. Management of behavioral, mental, emotional and psychological problems including diagnosis counselling and treatment. Youth. Management of adolescence and youth. Education. Information about infant, child and adolescent and youth health, safety, nutrition and fitness needs. Management Of Chronic Illness. Such as HIV, diabetics, hypertension and asthma. Referral. Partnership with other specialists to coordinate complete care. Emergency Care. Basic urgent and emergency care.